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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Educational Science (Bachelor & Master)

The aim of the study program Educational Science is to teach scientific theories, corpuses of knowledge and methods of empirical educational and social science research as well as practical methods, instruments and concepts of educational science.

The studies of social pedagogy are an integral part of the bachelor's and master's degree program in educational science at the TU-Dortmund. This becomes apparent that social pedagogical components are integrated into introductory lectures, but is mainly reflected in the fact that students can choose the elective subject "Social Work" in the Bachelor's degree and the profile "Social Work" in the Master's degree. This gives students the opportunity to study educational science with a distinct social pedagogical profile. The study program is characterized by an interlocking of theoretical reflections and empirical insights through current research as well as the integration of practical experiences in the context of internships.

Qualification goal
Through the elective subject of social work, the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in educational science aim to qualify students for the broad field of work in education and social work. The career prospects in social work are promising. It is important for you to know: if you study the elective subject of social work, you will receive an accreditation as an educational specialist, which opens many doors for you in social-pedagogical fields of work. The possible professional fields of activity in social pedagogical practice extend across all ages: from social pedagogical work with children and adolescents to work in adult education to social work with the elderly.

Start of studies

The general university entrance qualification or a comparable degree is required for admission to the BA in Educational Science. The subject Educational Sciences is a subject with restricted admission and a local Numerus Clausus (NC). Therefore, an application for this subject is necessary. The Bachelor's program always starts in the winter semester, the change, respectively the start of the Master's program can take place in the summer as well as in the winter semester.
There is an application deadline for the Bachelor's program. All important dates and deadlines concerning the application and enrollment can be found here:

The most important documents at a glance

On the following page you will find the examination regulations, the module handbook, the internship regulations, the study plan as well as the module handbooks of all elective subjects including Social Work.

Student Council

Here you can find the page of the General Students' Committee called AStA and the department of education:

Contact person for the Bachelor & Master Program in Educational Science: Prof. Dr. Peter Kauder (peter.kaudertu-dortmundde)