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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Social pedagogy with a focus on the didactics of social pedagogy

How can social pedagogical practice be taught and learned and how can teaching be taught and learned? – These are key questions that are at the heart of the research team "Social Pedagogy with a Focus on Social Pedagogy Didactics". The research team is dedicated to research and teaching on all topics related to teaching and learning in the educational programs for professionals in social pedagogy. For example, it is asked which conditions and which forms of social pedagogical action make vocational school teaching succeed. The research team is particularly active in teacher training with the vocational specialization of social pedagogy. Innovative teaching-learning arrangements in vocational schools and universities are considered and further developed, especially against the background of current didactic challenges such as diversity, inclusion, heterogeneity and individual support. Didactics of social pedagogy is understood as part of a broad social pedagogical professional research, which means that classical socialization instances such as family and public educational institutions come also into view in research and teaching.

Current research focus: Further development of innovative learning environments, education and family, historical professional research, participation and didactic challenges in selected fields of social pedagogy, education and gender.