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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology


Social pedagogy studies are possible at the TU-Dortmund both in the bachelor's and master's degree programs in educational science and in the context of the degree program in teaching for vocational schools. In both study contexts, the Institute for Social Pedagogy, Adult Education and Early Childhood Education is responsible for teaching with regard to social pedagogy.

In addition, the Institute's social pedagogy teaching is also an integral part of the teacher training program as a whole. The Teacher Training Act (LABG) stipulates that all student teachers in the Bachelor of Education must study social pedagogical issues; this is ensured within the framework of an elective module "Social Pedagogy".



Further information on the respective courses of study

Educational Science (Bachelor & Master) 

Teacher training at vocational colleges, subject social pedagogy

Courses of the ISEP

An overview of current ISEP courses can be found in the LSF:

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